Who we are

The idea and fulfillment of the project belongs to Luca, Andrea and Francesco , with their peculiar differences in characters and competences but with a passion in common:

"The good old-times cusine".

Francesco- Chef

As a child he put forward his first steps as a chef's assistant in the family restaurant in Como, Italy, where he had his training and eventually worked for many years, learning all the coocking skills, sometimes regarded as real secrets; indeed after that and for a long period he got busy with a job in the secrets of the beauty-world: luxury and fashion.

In Milan he qualified as professional make-up-artist, worked forwardly-famous luxury brands, proceeding then for the last four years as visual-merchandiser in the fashion business.

He's got a versatile and creative character by nature, with a passion for beauty and style.

All these components result in the perfect mixture to introduce himself in the food sector.

Andrea- Customer service & Social media

After a 4-years' study course in Biology at the University of Trieste he decided to enter the Haidressing world following his passion for aesthetics and direct contact with the public. An enterprising man, a boomerang of ideas bursting out everyday from his creative flair, as a perfect speakerin every situation he's a real positive-energy emanator .

After aquiring many international achievments in his sector he has now decided to undertake a new path in the food-excellency sector.

Luca- General Manager and Marketing Supervisor

Graduated in Corporate Echonomics in Milan, specialized in marketing and communication, with a Master in Foods & beverage, he's always had a real passion for cuisine.

He worked in the Communication sector in Milan, spending thereafter the last five years working in the Fashion Business.

Since he was a kid, he began learning by experience in his family's kitchen, learning how to prepare the pasta fresca (fresh homemade pasta), learning the secrets of the typical cuisine from Sicily.

The fundaments of such top-quality cuisine being the principles of absolute excellency and genuinity of products (high seasoning and respect fornature's cycles).

He is meitculous, discreet, accurate and willingful, with a thing for travelling and discover new horizons.