Guagua (actually the historic name of this restaurant) beyond sounding somehow playful and richly childish, means "BUS" therefore referring to something which is always in motion.

These two traits convinced us to continue with us this name and to keep it, just adding an element which had to summon concepts as joy, light, clarity and purity: a color. We've chosen the white (Blanco).

Indeed la Guagua Blanca offers a truly classical and typical homecooking with just some modern

"twists", some surprise elements wisely added without exaggerations or distorsions of any sort.

We like thinking about the image of our Grandmother, always busy in her kitchen, making her special dishes following old recipes, listening to our moderate suggestions and considering them with caution in order not to let us invade her realm, possibly resulting for her in being unfaithful to her own knowledge, her history, her truth.

This restaurant's project came into being in 2015, when we decided to tunnel our personal passions and inspirations into creating something which, in our motivations and intentions, had not merely to arouse in the clientele mere gluttony but some other senses aswell.

We really loved this typical Canarian location, with its peaceful oasis atmospheres since the very first moment and then suddenty decided:

" OK! Let's make this bus run again! Let's give it new life, a brand new look and take it back on the road again.. .who can guess who will it make us meet in this new journey! "